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Corporate Team Building Activities

Here at Rocket our core focus is providing team building activities that engage, inspire and are tailored to meet your values and themes ensuring your team gets results. We are a team building company offering engaging corporate team building events around New Zealand. Indoor, Outdoor, Team Cooking, Charity and Breakout Sessions - we have it covered.

We understand that every team is different, so are our Team Building Events. Rocket Events have been forerunners in providing innovative team building and engagement experiences throughout Aotearoa since 2006. We listen to you in order to appreciate your team's culture, your needs and desired outcomes. A key foundation for Rocket Events is building lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on making sure all our clients keep coming back for more. Check out what our frequent flyers have to say

Check out just a few team building possibilities or drop us a line & let us start sharing ideas to fuel up your team

Team Cuisine ideas -Rocket Events love sharing food and fun times. We will take on the shopping and do the dishes! All to deliver your team a cooking experience that will satisfy their stomachs and competitive streaks as much as their team work.

Master Chef | Gourmet Burger Build | Street Food Cookoff | Pizza dudes | Team Taste Experience | just to whet your apetite.....

Outdoor Team Building ideas -Our first love, our own experiences in the outdoors are what shaped the Rocket Launchpad. We firmly believe in connecting our small selves with nature and thrive on the invigoration we feel after spending a day outside.

Land Search and Rescue | Team Rocketeers | Urban Adventure Race | Outrageous Olympics | Amazing Race | plus loads more.....

Indoor Team Building ideas -We don't apologise if it gets loud with laughter and excited people. An indoor session at your venue is ideal for reducing travel and time away from business, there is no stress about the weather and your team may appreciate more familiar territory. Or an indoor session at one of our venues can make life easy for you - we do the set up and the clean up.

Circus School Spectacular | Team Machines | The Kung Fu Board Breaker | Sync or Swim | Nature of Teamwork | Acting Up | Robot Races | plus loads more.....

Charity Team Building ideas - Would you like to connect with your community? Would you like your community to engage with your team? Rocket Events have aload of ideas to help you achieve both in fun, meaningful ways.

Star Jamming | SPCA Challenge | Trolley or Bike Build | Auckland City Mission Possible | Mbots for Schools | just to name a few........

Breakout Engagement Sessions - Whether you want to amp up the energy or provide a few moments of zen, we can provide the tools and the means. Rocket Events can provide high octane action to lift your conference breaks to new heights or calming and mindful sessions to bring your team to a focused state before launching into the next planning session.

Cycle Blend | Board Breaker | Rocket Building | Sync or Swim | Acting Up | Kokedamas | to kick start you........

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