Nutrition Wellbeing Programme

We all know the old adage “You are what you eat”, so why not explore some new and exciting, tasty, wholesome ways to prepare lunches.

Our chef will teach your team how to make workplace meals that will nourish their bodies, brains and spirits leaving them stimulated and energetic after lunch, not slumped over their keyboards counting down till home-time. With a take-home salad jar and plenty of ideas your team will be comparing lunches for weeks to come!

Hot Salad Bar

Turn up the heat on that winter salad. Mix and match the right ingredients to create that perfect hot salad with exciting combinations of flavour and texture.

Turn up the heat on that winter salad. Mix and match the right ingredients to create that perfect hot salad with exciting combinations of flavour and texture. A salad bar shouldn’t leave you starving an hour later so transform those leafy greens in to a satisfying meal by throwing in some stick-to-your-ribs proteins like cooked meat, poultry, fish, eggs or legumes. Your stomach will thank you for it and your team will be full to the brim to continue their day with energy and enthusiasm. .

Salad in a Jar

Often, bringing lunch to work can feel like a chore. It requires planning, getting up extra early or remembering to prepare it before you go to bed. It needs to be portable and it needs to be exciting. Not only is it difficult to get motivated to bring your lunch and find the right thing, it’s also difficult to sustain. After so many days of making the same thing, you inevitably tire of it.

Well, fear not. The Rocket Events team is here to solve all your lunchtime woes. Let us show you how to find happiness in a jar! It’s portable, healthy, easy to make and offers room for plenty of variety. With so many different vegetables, grains and dressings to choose from, you will never get bored. It’s the perfect solution and it’s about to be your new best friend..

Noodle Jars

Do you love a cup of soup and instant ramen as much as we do?

Why not let the Rocket Events team show you how to get your noodle fix in a unique and flavoursome way. Packed with fresh ingredients, our noodle jars are a simple yet genius way of taking the hassle out of preparing those work lunches. With all the appeal of instant noodles (convenience and portability), but without the MSG and that texture of cardboard, you can control exactly what goes in to your lunch.

Smoothie Revolution

Cycle your way to a healthy and great tasting smoothie! Have your team compete for the fastest speed or simply take a leisurely cruise.

Create your own smoothie with fresh ingredients from Fair Trade and organic suppliers. All cups and equipment are supplied and are eco-friendly and recyclable. We take care of everything for you. Dairy free and allergy friendly available.

Fun, fitness and deliciousness all blended together to create this great event.



Let Rocket Events boost your team with our Nutrition Wellbeing Programme.

We tailor all our team building to meet your values and learning outcomes and our wellbeing programme is no different. With a choice of three focus areas or a blend of each we will enhance the wellbeing of your team and the productivity of your company. After all, employees who believe their employer cares about their wellbeing are more engaged at work than others. 

Any one of us may experience stress, anxiety and depression at some time in our lives. However, there are things workplaces can do to support their people to build resilience and have positive mental health. This ensures employees can cope with setbacks and take advantage of opportunities. Connect, Give, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Be Active. These are our focus in our activities as they are critical in improving hauora or wellbeing. In addition the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation explains more.

We believe that we can all eat delicious, clean, fast cuisine that is good for us, by using the highest quality organic, sustainable-sourced ingredients. So not only good for the your bottom line, the community, and the Earth but your brainy, eclectic employees will feel like working on. Mindfulness improves calm, collectedness and self-knowledge as well as aligning oneself to needs and values of individuals and teams. Tai Chi is a richly researched exercise, with health improvements ranging from better blood pressure scores and improved heart health to a sharper mind with lower levels of depression, stress and anxiety. Engaging in this hands-on art activity, you will see your team focus, relax and feel a sense of contentment. Making your own Kokedama offers the chance to feel an enormous sense of pride and achievement. 

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