Indoor Team Building Activities

"Rocket Events created a visually dynamic experience for us, which brought our strategy to life and really engaged with our audience. They showed complete dedication to ultimately deliver a result which reflected their innovative ideas, careful consideration and a great attention to detail." Fonterra Global Foodservice

We don't apologise if it gets loud with laughter and excited people, an indoor team building session at your venue or ours or as a breakout from your conference is ideal for reducing travel and time away from business. There is no stress about the weather and your team may appreciate familiar territory. Rocket Events have a wicked array of team building activities to fulfil your objectives in any indoor space for any size group
Rocket Events believe that nothing accelerates personal empowerment and group interaction faster than Board Breaking and we are prepared to break through all barriers to help your team break through the fears that can hold them back from greatness. Sensei May master of Karate will lead your team from Grasshoppers to Super Heroes and Heroines. Pure energy is all that flows through each person to break boards by sheer will force, not brute force. Simple really...... like Ghandi said "The only true force in nature is non-violence". The broken board is yours to keep as a reminder of how sheer intent and your mind's power are capable of achieving something so powerful. The Karate Board Breaker right up your teams alley? Give us a bell to discuss 09 817 9225 or drop us a line to arrange a catch up.

For an event that is pure fun & excitement, try one of our Circus Experiences; Channel the performer within all of us. Roll Up! Roll Up! No Experience Required.

Here is your team's opportunity to escape to a magical world of clowns, fire eaters, jugglers and hoola hoops. All that sparkle, glitz and glamour will inspire them to try, achieve and learn things never to be forgotten.

  • Juggling- keeping your eye on the chainsaw!
  • Hula Hooping- the importance of flexibility
  • Team Acrobatics- who volunteers to be on the bottom of a pyramid?
  • Hip with Hats –Snapback hat tricks & hip hop
  • Team Ballooning - who provides the puff, who ties the knots?
  • Plate spinning - who can handle the pressure

Our Circus Trainers are the best of the best - having trained and performed around the whole wide world. They put the accent on having a go, having fun and trying something new to you.

Circus School right up your teams alley? Give us a bell to discuss 09 817 9225 or drop us a line to arrange a catch up.

Team Jamming .
Would you like your team to be on the same page and playing the same tune to the beat of the drums? We can rev them up with Pacifika drumming, Ukelele sing-a-longs, writing their own original tunes, any number of entertaining options. Of course all that action leaves a team hungry, this session combines superbly with one of our Team Cuisine options Team Jamming right up your teams alley? Give us a bell to discuss 09 817 9225 or drop us a line to arrange a catch up..
Team Machines
Rube Goldberg was the creator of such fantastical machine ideas as the Self Operating Napkin, Self Opening Umbrella and the brilliant Self Rolling Rug! Old Rube's Team Machines is loaded with hands on action designed to get teams thinking outside the square, being solution focused and utilising resources both physical and intellectual. Each team will create their very own Rube Goldberg Machine. The Challenge is to create the most innovative creative machine to move several marbles from the entry point to the exit point…. "sounds too easy!" I hear you saying. But wait, there's more ..... what we didn't tell you is .....The real challenge is join all the Machines together to create ONE FANTASTICAL TEAM MACHINE. Team Machines right up your teams alley? Give us a bell to discuss 09 817 9225 or drop us a line to arrange a catch up.
Nature of Team Work
Rocket Events are always primed to present fun, experiential and interactive programmes that we will tailor to motivate and energise your team. Are you looking for a one off professionally facilitated target session or a series of in depth leadership development workshops? Or anything in between... We have experience with designing and facilitating of a wide range of experiential learning programmes. Our motto is "Live stories worth telling", those stories and new understandings are transferable to everyday situations. Nature of Teamwork right up your teams ally? Give us a bell to discuss 09 817 9225 or drop us a line to arrange a catch up..
Sync or Swim
Who said you need water to swim? You certainly don't need it to sync.... Sync or Swim is a light hearted, fun energiser guaranteed to get the whole team engaged & laughing with each other.The Head Coach will immerse everyone in the beautiful art of Synchronised Swimming then wring out the wrinkles for the performance of a lifetime. Teams get to choose the routine, music, costumes and make up to create a medal winning performance or just make everyone roll about laughing. Sync or Swim takes place in our unique 'pool' for dramatic effect. Our expert judges will rate each routine and of course winners get to stand on the podium for medal presentations. Sync or Swim right up your teams alley?
Give us a bell to discuss 09 817 9225 or drop us a line to arrange a catch up.
Acting Up
Step aside Angelina & Brad, Rocket Events can uncover your own workplace superstars. What better way to get your team members performing than to awaken their inner actor. Make a viral video, create a short play, song, dance or other performance under the guidance of director & tutor John Goudge. Develop the 'script' together, perhaps with suggested themes, work out how to stage it, then rehearse & bring your performance to light. Fancy a laugh? Learn how the pros create hilarious improvised comedy like "Whose Line is it Anyway." Develop skills to think on your feet, work as a team & project confidence. Like your action movies? Safely try some simple stunt-fighting techniques that are heaps of fun, but won't leave you with black eyes & broken bones. John Goudge AKA the Jidge Crazy musician, actor & director John has plenty of drama in his life – but that's all good. He's been an acting tutor for 20 years, & thrives when he's working on some creative performance. Sometimes donning an afro wig for his band, John plays guitar & can groove with the best of them.
Finding your Voice
At Rocket Events we get a real buzz seeing people break down barriers, & developing the confidence to present their stories in their own brilliant way. Let your unique stories be heard with a fun team workshop that energizes communication & presentation skills. Learn the tips professional actors use to strengthen their voices, deal with nerves, & connect with their audience.