Energisers and Icebreakers

Is your team lagging in energy? Need a bit of motivation? Got a looong meeting coming up that you need some break-out energy boosters from? Or maybe you have a team coming to work together for the first time. Let us pop in for a short session to have some fun, do something energetic and help everyone relax, laugh and work better together.

We understand that every team is different, so are our Energisers and Icebreakers. Rocket Events understands that in order to provide your team with the most value from their experience, we need to provide you with an experience to match your values. We listen to you in order to appreciate your team's culture, your needs and desired outcomes. A key foundation for Rocket Events is building lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on making sure all our clients keep coming back for more. Check out what our frequent flyers have to say

Check out just a few energising or icebreaking possibilities or drop us a line & let us start sharing ideas to fuel up your team

Management Mindups -Sometimes even the best of leadership teams need a boost. So let us interrupt your next meeting with an activity that will refocus your management team to help achieve all their outcomes. By focusing their minds to tap their own yet unrealised potential they'll be able to lead their teams to greater heights too.

Karate Board Breaker | Rocket Bike Blend | Power Hooping | Team Up Games | just to start the conversation....

Enthusiasm Boosters -Is everyone in your team lacking in vitamin D? Need a boost of sunshine? Or at the very least a boost of enthusiasm? We can spark up your team with fun and excitement making them ready to tackle all their daily tasks with renewed energy.

Zumba | Waghooning | Circus School | Inflatable Soccer | plus many more .....

Colleague Connectors -No one can work well with people they hardly know! Whether you're bringing a team together for the first time or trying to enable an existing team to work better together, we can bust in and connect that team so there are no loose parts left.

Sync or Swim | Outrageous Olympics | Team Rocketeers | Guerilla Gardens | City on a Mission | to name just a few possibilities.....

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