Charity Team Building Activities & Events

Charity Team Building Activities & Events

Would you like your team to connect with their community? Would you like your community to engage with your team? Rocket Events have a load of ideas to help you achieve both in fun, meaningful ways.


We are so blessed at Rocket Events to be given the opportunity to connect organisation with worthy community based team building experiences.

Corporate Social Responsibility is hot on everyone’s lips at the moment. We believe CSR is more than a team bonding experience or an opportunity for company’s to be seen to be doing good. It’s about bringing people together to build sustainable relationships that make a real difference.

We are proud to have worked with Auckland Woman’s Refuge, NZ Playcentre Associations, Auckland City Mission, Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust, Dress for Success, SPCA, StarJam, Bikes in Schools and many more wonderful organisations doing amazing work to support our communities.

Talk to the Rocketeers about building your sustainable CSR relationships with an inspiring, educational & interactive engagement event.




“Thank you so much for bringing together such a fantastic experience for our people. From the get go the Rocket Events crew were a delight to work with, and really listened to what we wanted to achieve out of our team building session. On the day everything worked perfectly, and we have had resounding positive feedback from participants that this was a highlight of our three-day conference.” – Lauren Graves, Bupa

With schools taking the lead in creating bike tracks to encourage health and wellbeing in their kids, we want to support them by filling up their bike shed!

Teams will complete challenges to earn their bike parts, fancy upgrades like Spokey Dokes and safety gear. Then they assemble their bikes using instructions, communication and great team work. The bikes will then be donated to your chosen school – the Rocketeers can help find a school that will get a lot of use out of the bikes – helping Kiwi kids get fitter, more confident and make them better learners.  If you would like to add a bit of wow factor we can arrange for the children to come to the end of the event to receive the bikes you are donating – a great bit of feel-good!

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The Auckland City Mission Mission is a rollicking good time combining, giving back, strategy, personality and teamwork with a race against the clock. Rocket Events have twisted the classic treasure hunt and bent it so you get the best out of your Team while supporting the great work they do at the City Mission.

Nutritious food is fundamental to building healthy communities and need is not just restricted to those able to visit the Mission. There are thousands in the community who require a little assistance from time to time and there are hundreds of smaller community groups who work to help these people. On average the Auckland City Mission distributes an estimated $2,000,000 worth of food every year.

Teams will be challenged to think on their toes as they complete a series of interactive & engaging challenges around the City gaining vital supplies to help support the City Mission.

To check out the good times had at a recent Auckland City Mission Mission click here

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Nothing feels better than giving to those in need, except when you have a blast while doing it! Your team will be all fired up and ready to complete challenges to gather food and extra goodies to go in to pet packs which are then donated to the SPCA.

The SPCA Team Challenge is a rollicking good time combining giving back, strategy, personality and teamwork. Rocket Events have twisted the classic treasure hunt and bent it, so you get the best out of your Team while supporting the great work at the SPCA. Working together to problem solve several tasks, your team will learn to understand each other’s strengths and improve their communication.

The end result will see your team feel an overwhelming sense of achievement and understanding that together they can do great things.

The best part of the day comes when we get to package up all the goodies and send them to the SPCA to pass on to the animals who truly need it.

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The team at Rocket Events has partnered with New Zealand’s hottest music coaches! These dudes will have your team all tuned up and swinging to their own sounds in no time.

Your team become the performers and the audience as our Jammers coach them to bring their own gig to life.

Get ready to be active, learn and have fun as our talented StarJam Graduates tutor your team in a performance skill. Then in groups your team’s talents will shine as they develop something exciting and unique to perform.

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