Charity Team Building Activities & Events

Charity Team Building Activities & Events

Would you like your team to connect with their community? Would you like your community to engage with your team? Rocket Events have a load of ideas to help you achieve both in fun, meaningful ways.


We are so blessed at Rocket Events to be given the opportunity to connect organisation with worthy community based team building experiences.

Corporate Social Responsibility is hot on everyone’s lips at the moment. We believe CSR is more than a team bonding experience or an opportunity for company’s to be seen to be doing good. It’s about bringing people together to build sustainable relationships that make a real difference.

We are proud to have worked with Auckland Woman’s Refuge, Starship Children s Hospital, NZ Playcentre Associations, Auckland City Mission, Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust, Dress for Success and many more wonderful organisations doing amazing work to support our communities.

Talk to the Rocketeers about building your sustainable CSR relationships with an inspiring, educational & interactive engagement event.



‘Best Team Building Activity ever! is how our people described the Ukulele Challenge. It was fabulous and will be hard to top next year.’ Bay Audiology

The team at Rocket Events has hooked up with NZ hottest Ukulele sounds, The Nukes. These dudes will have your team all tuned up and swinging to your own sounds in no time.

From writing catchy team tunes to creating the beat, everyone plays a key part in bringing your performance together. It’s about opening up your artistic talents and creating the most upbeat & entertaining live performance or getting on down recording your team demo.

The real buzz is gifting your ukuleles to a local School so they can be part of the fun and excitement of learning to play the ukulele.

To check out the action from our recent Ukulele Team Jam with over 250 people, click here to view the video

Why Ukes for Schools? The benefits of music are enormous – kids who learn to play an instrument enjoy advantages for the rest of their lives, both academic and personal.

Music provides an outlet for self-expression and focuses on “doing” rather than observing. Young musicians learn to conquer fear and take risks. Early music training helps develop brain areas that involve language and reasoning. These are all essential “human skills” that shape lives forever and help to produce productive and positive youth and adults.

Take our 10 years of creating outstanding interactive events tailored to your desired outcomes, add The Nukes, NZ’s most talented song writers & Ukulele Trio & you’re sure to have your team buzzing.

Want get your team all tuned up? Make sure you give us a bell now 09 817 9225



The Auckland City Mission Mission is a rollicking good time combining, giving back, strategy, personality and teamwork with a race against the clock. Rocket Events have twisted the classic treasure hunt and bent it so you get the best out of your Team while supporting the great work they do at the City Mission.

Nutritious food is fundamental to building healthy communities and need is not just restricted to those able to visit the Mission. There are thousands in the community who require a little assistance from time to time and there are hundreds of smaller community groups who work to help these people. On average the Auckland City Mission distributes an estimated $2,000,000 worth of food every year.

Teams will be challenged to think on their toes as they complete a series of interactive & engaging challenges around the City gaining vital supplies to help support the City Mission.

To check out the good times had at a recent Auckland City Mission Mission click here

To do your bit for the City Mission, make sure you call the CSR Rocketeers to tailor the perfect team building event for your team.



We are passionate about fresh food, organic gardening, health & wellbeing and working with our community. What better way to bring them all together than plant Heirloom Orchards in Schools.

School Orchards aren’t just a great team building day. Its about working with a school, building a relationship and to help educate children about where their food comes from, how it grows, how to care for it, understanding eating in season, what is organic and most of all creating a healthy sustainable future.

We have partnered with the best in the game when it comes to heirloom orchards, Benji Woodman from Forgotten Fruits and the good folks at Living Earth . Together we create an engaging, interactive and educational experience your how team will be proud of. All we ask is this you commit to orchard and make sure you build on the community relationship in the future.

We are here to make it happen. There is nothing more rewarding than facilitating relationships between organisations and Schools and leaving a legacy.

Click here to view recent Orchards in Schools photos & our Guerrilla Orchard video

Glenn and the team at rocket events are amazing to work with. Nothing is a problem and the events just keep getting better! They took the time to get to know our people and what we were trying to get out of the event. The layers of activity they are able to provide means the events keep opening up and the team are continually engaged. They offer so much variety and always deliver!

James MacVicar The Better Drinks Co (GM Sales & Marketing )

Please call Glenn personally ( 0274936788) if this sounds like your idea of true engagement.


RED WAGONS FOR KIWI KIDS – encouraging kids to learn through PLAY

We have been on the hunt for ages for cool as toy that is NZ designed, innovative, stimulating, sustainable and children can learn from when play. Build a bike…not us as it only goes to one kid. We’ve finally found it – Rich & Jen from Wishbone Design Studios have the coolest red wagons. More than just the coolest wagon we love their philosophy “We challenged ourselves to create designs that transform your experience, reduce consumption, deliver a positive environmental outcome, and bring people closer together.”

We have facilitated this CSR team engagement experience loads of different ways. From racing around the city on a mission to fill it with goodies, to fire off strategy sessions & launching organisational values. Like the wagon, their are loads of ways to comment your team while building something that will last & be loved by heaps of kids. Given your brief we will create an engagement interactive experience that will tell your story & create many more to share in the future.

Bewared, we will bring the kids in, it can be a bit of a tear jerker.

To check out some of the action from recent Red Wagons for Kiwi Kids events click here

Please give us a bell and lets get the wagon rolling 09 817 9225


GET THE GREEN THUMBS UP – encouraging kiwi kids grow up healthy

Get the Green Thumbs Up, helping create better growing environments for a local primary school.

Your team can provide the opportunity to some future gardeners to grow fresh produce in their own school yard, gifting the gardens and a lesson about how to grow the best produce year round.

This event requires your team’s skills as builders, creatives, educators and presenters to get the kids off to a great start in their own raised garden beds and living wall gardens. Working together to support the local community and build team esteem.

Have you heard about Square Meter Gardening? Square Metre Gardening is revolutionising the way the modern gardens are grown today and are perfect for schools and playcentres. Not only will the children come away enriched with learning, your team will too.

We love building strong relationships with Schools and will work with to find a suitable worthy school that will nurture your garden for years to come.

Give us a bell if if its time for your team to roll up their sleeves and help grow health kids – 09 817 9225


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