Active Wellbeing Programme

Be Active - do what you can, enjoy what you do and move your mood!

As well as slowing age-related cognitive decline, physical activity can increase self-belief and the ability to cope with difficult situations. So, let the Rocket Events team teach a few skills to your crew and sit back and watch as your team gets fitter, happier and more productive!

Kung-Fu Board Breaking

“The only true force in nature is non-violence” - Ghandi

Pure energy is all that flows through each person to break boards by sheer will force, not brute force. The broken board is yours to keep as a reminder of how sheer intent and your mind’s power are capable of achieving something so powerful. /b>


Ever felt like you’ve got too many balls in the air? Can’t quite keep track of them all?

Let the Rocket Events team teach you how to manage them! Juggling is one of the most under-rated pastimes ever. Some of the many great reasons to juggle are brain growth (seriously, it’s true!), improves posture, increases focus and aids relaxation through active meditation. /b>


Get that feeling at the desk sometimes like you just need to shake it out? Why not hoop it out?

A session of hooping will heighten wellbeing by getting you animated and your oxygen flowing! It focuses your mind while working underappreciated core muscles. It is super fun bringing a smile to anyone who tries it. After all, It’s hard to stay blasé while gyrating!

Office Grit

Ordinarily a fast paced, high intensity interval training, our Office Grit will teach you a series of five-minute workouts that can be done in any office space. Catering to all fitness levels, your team will have plenty of options when they need an energising break from their screen.



Let Rocket Events boost your team with our Nutrition Wellbeing Programme.

We tailor all our team building to meet your values and learning outcomes and our wellbeing programme is no different. With a choice of three focus areas or a blend of each we will enhance the wellbeing of your team and the productivity of your company. After all, employees who believe their employer cares about their wellbeing are more engaged at work than others. 

Any one of us may experience stress, anxiety and depression at some time in our lives. However, there are things workplaces can do to support their people to build resilience and have positive mental health. This ensures employees can cope with setbacks and take advantage of opportunities. Connect, Give, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Be Active. These are our focus in our activities as they are critical in improving hauora or wellbeing. In addition the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation explains more.

We believe that we can all eat delicious, clean, fast cuisine that is good for us, by using the highest quality organic, sustainable-sourced ingredients. So not only good for the your bottom line, the community, and the Earth but your brainy, eclectic employees will feel like working on. Mindfulness improves calm, collectedness and self-knowledge as well as aligning oneself to needs and values of individuals and teams. Tai Chi is a richly researched exercise, with health improvements ranging from better blood pressure scores and improved heart health to a sharper mind with lower levels of depression, stress and anxiety. Engaging in this hands-on art activity, you will see your team focus, relax and feel a sense of contentment. Making your own Kokedama offers the chance to feel an enormous sense of pride and achievement. 

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