About Us

Meet the Event Professionals at Rocket Events

We are a creative and energetic team of professionals who are passionate about creating bespoke corporate event experiences that are fun, experiential, engaging, challenging, team focussed........

Our backgrounds in food and hospitality, outdoor education, tourism, management and wellness have combined with years of delivering exceptional event experiences to a broad range of clients.

It's not Rocket Science…. but it is an art form to deliver exceptional events true to brief and budget.

The Event Industry is fast moving & dynamic. We engage with a wide network of professional and creative types to keep up with technology, trends, venues, real food experiences and service.

Rocket Events will save you time, money & a huge amount of stress, not to mention exceed all your expectations

The Main Rocket Peeps

Captain of the ship, Madeleine, is the energiser bunny of ideas and inspiration. With a heap of the passion and loads of experience she will listen and then plan and implement the ultimate event tailored to you

Sales Commander, Sarah, sounds British but is kiwi through and through. Her warm personality shines as she makes it easy for you to create a day your team will be buzzing about for months!

Stephen Weeks AKA Free Range Chef

From the Kitchens of England and the elegant villas of France to West Auckland - talk about going up in the world! Chef is renowned for his personality in the kitchen, we can't praise him enough for friendly service and impressive cuisine. He is welcoming of others into his kitchen, happy to teach your team cooking up the perfect steak, however you like it. He enjoys spending time on father daughter adventures when he isn't creating new favourite dishes or eating chocolate treats - nice to know chefs have their weaknesses too!

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