Team Wellbeing Activities

At Rocket we believe that one of the key aspects of a successful working team is one that supports a good life. A flourishing team is one whose members are happy, healthy, capable and engaged. In other words a team where every member, as well as the team as a whole, has high levels of wellbeing. Action, Zen, Nature, Nutrition - we have it covered.

We understand that every team is different, so are our Team Wellbeing Activities. As understanding around our workplace health has developed, here at Rocket Events we have stayed on top of the research and are forerunners in providing uplifting team wellbeing experiences. We listen to you in order to appreciate your team's culture, your needs and desired outcomes. A key foundation for Rocket Events is building lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on making sure all our clients keep coming back for more. Check out what our frequent flyers have to say

Check out just a few team wellbeing possibilities or drop us a line & let us start sharing ideas to help your team lift off to new heights

Action -Be Active - Do what you can, enjoy what you do and move your mood. Research shows a strong correlation between physical activity and increased wellbeing. As well as slowing age-related cognitive decline, physical activity can increase self-belief and the ability to cope with difficult situations. On top of that when you add a dose of fun it really encourages social interaction.

Power Hooping | Zumba | Cycle Blend | Team Grit | Board Breaking just to warm you up.....

Zen -Take notice, appreciate the little things, savour the moment. Developing skills that increase awareness of what is happening immediately in and around us are proven to enhance wellbeing. Research has also shown that mindfulness improves calm, collectedness and self-knowledge as well as aligning oneself to needs and values of individuals and teams.

Yoga | Mindfulness Short Course | Beach Art | Kickass Kokodamas plus loads more.....

Nutrition -We all know the old adage 'We are what we eat' so let us come in to boost what your team eats to give them all an overall boost.

Cycle Blend | Fuel Up | Clean Eating MasterChef plus loads more.....

Nature - Connecting our small selves with the outside, natural world is the first love of the Rocket Events Team. Both invigorating and relaxing getting back to basics, or simply heading to the wild to do the ordinary can enliven your team.

Gardens for Schools | Team Walking Meeting | Sensational Senses | Trapline Clearing | Kickass Kokodamas just to name a few........

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