Corporate Cooking - Team Building Events

'Wow, that was definitely a team building event to remember. The day was packed with laughter, team work, good food and heaps of fun!! It is an event that will go down in the Sovereign books.'

Rocket Events love sharing food and fun times. We will take on the shopping and doing the dishes! to deliver your team a cooking experience that will satisfy their stomachs and competitive streaks as much as their team work.

Are you looking for the perfect way to spice up your conference or awards dinner, challenge your team or impress your clients!

We have been creating Team Cuisine Events for over 10 years & have it well sorted.

Rocket Events will look after the lot, from finding the perfect venue or coming to yours, indoor or out, pop up kitchens, talented chefs & amazing produce. You & your team just turn up hungry for a memorable experience.

Of course we will tailor our events to your needs but here are a few serving suggestions to whet your whistle....

A recent video from a tailored Team Cuisine Event


Team FOOD FEST will see teams battle it out to see whose Street Stall will reign supreme.

Imagine the most amazing Street Food, prepared by your team, from a very basic recipe (open to team interpretation & personal flair). We fill the Larder with amazing produce, spices & wonder products, so that teams can work like machines to feed the masses.

Not everyone loves to cook, so, teams must also build the most amazing Food Stalls to sell their goodies from. We provide plenty of building materials, tools, props and handy hints to ensure each stall looks enticing and eye catching.

Not into cooking or DIY? Marketing and Sales are also key skills to help WOW the judges, and the other teams. Why do we want to chow down with your noodles or tangle with your tacos?

Loads of banter, fun & laughs are guaranteed as we find out whose team cuisine will reign supreme.

Team FOOD FEST sound like your teams cup of tea? Give us a bell to discuss 09 817 9225 or drop us a line to arrange a catch up.

Gourmet Burger & Shake Build

Burgers and Shakes, a match made in heaven, can your teams deliver on the promise of perfectly cooked burgers matched with inventive and tasty shakes? Chef's brief is to design, build, market a sensational burger and shake combo including packaging and signage to the judges and the other teams. There are roles for those who love to cook, the designer types and sales entrepreneurs.

All the wonderful ingredients are provided, whether your after classics like Beef burgers and chocolate shakes or trendy paleo chicken, chilli and lime burgers in lettuce leaves with a super food green shakes. Evening events can even include 'Hard Shakes', to tempt the most jaded palates.

Winners are based on a raft of criteria not least being taste, flashy packaging, AAA hygiene and how much fun they had bringing their Burger and Shake Combo to the table.

Burger & Shake Build sound like your teams cup of tea? Give us a bell to discuss 09 817 9225 or drop us a line to arrange a catch up.

Master BBQ Chef

Our most popular event, Master BBQ-Chef captures the imagination and the waist line in the spirit of "friendly rivalry, inspired cooking and general mischief making".

Several quick fire challenges get the creative juices flowing before the main event of concocting & cooking on their BBQs. We source the freshest and finest in-season produce, meat, kai moana to go on the plates. A chock-a-block stocked larder lets each team cook their hearts desire.

Teams will be supported by a professional Chef to help with ideas, cooking techniques, presentation and much more.

All you do is turn up with the right attitude and a competitive streak. Teams will also be tested on their environmental awareness, composting, recycling and much more.

Master BBQ Chef sound like your teams cup of tea? Give us a bell to discuss 09 817 9225 or drop us a line to arrange a catch up.

Team Taste Experience

Can your team handle the heat? Or will they crack like a raw egg?

From 'Mise en Place' to 'over the pass' our Head Chef will put your team through their paces to prepare delicious food for everyone to enjoy with a few crisp beverages.

Restaurant kitchens are all about team work, everyone knowing their role; chopping, searing, blending, dicing, kneading, stirring, steaming; to bring the best plates of food to the table at the same time. They have to work in harmony to impress Chef.

Under Chef's expert direction everyone learns professional kitchen skills to replicate Chefs cuisine.

Rocket Events will provide everything to take your team from kitchen to table on a food journey of yummy proportions, including drinks, we are fully licensed to serve alcohol if you desire.

Team Taste sound like your teams cup of tea? Give us a bell to discuss 09 817 9225 or drop us a line to arrange a catch up.

A recent video from a tailored Team Cuisine Event

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